40 Days

40 Days Friends

40 Days to drive home the movement that is the Democratic Party.

Our movement is strategic.

We’ve been working our tails off to cultivate a base of support. But without a plan to win, our base can’t help us.

Well, our plan is to WIN! To turn out voters and to elect Leadership that embodies the values of our party.

With a great plan, comes a great vision.

As Democrats we call forth a vision that is larger than what the media presents, or what details we’re focused on at the moment. This vision to better people’s lives, fix our economy and be accountable to the people of this great state has engaged North Dakotan’s passion to come together on common ground. Our common values to live a good life, lead a good life, to speak up and take risks so that our vision can move forward.

Passion is contagious and the base we are assembling has been instrumental in spreading our message. The essence of a powerful movement is described as people working together to achieve a common goal. It is up to us to fold people into the process of democracy. The voters we engage should be more than just be voting. The sooner we fold new people in, the more we grow and secure our success not just in this election, but elections to come.

Movements commit to change over decades.

Change is often a long process and your commitment is needed. We’ve been able to take advantage of moments in time that have shaped our state and our country for the better. The Democratic party, is the bison that faces the storm. We will face the challenges head on. We use the current issues to engage the passion of the people. Whatever the issue, together we rise to meet the challenges of the times. Facing worker’s rights, civil rights, health reform, financial reform, our infrastructure needs and water issues in North Dakota. It is our party that holds the institution of government accountable. We are the reason people believe in our state and federal government. We are the reason people believe in the American Dream.

Now is the time. All the work that has led up to these 40 days is about to pay off or fall short. Be bold friends. We cannot control every step of a movement or the outcomes of our hard work every time, but whatever the outcome, I don’t want November 3 to come around with the thought that I could have done more. I know, I will be doing all I can. I ask you to get up every day for the next 40 days with the same attitude. We’re doing all we can.

Remember passion is contagious. Believe in your party, believe in your candidates, believe that you represent, and our movement will be successful.

Understand these next 40 days in biblical proportions. We’ve worked hard and the work coming is going to be even tougher. We’re not going to have good days every day, there will be moments that you want to give up, or shut down, but don’t. Take a deep breath, and know that we are the worker’s of change. Agents of change within the Democratic party, and your work is so very necessary right now. What we’re going through will make the night of November 2 so much more meaningful. Whether volunteers, candidates, campaign workers, party supporters, we’re all in this together.

Many thanks for your support, service and solidarity to the movement that is the Democratic Party.

In service and solidarity ~p.rose

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