You + Me = Future of ND

I can’t believe it has already been 6 months since I announced my candidacy for a ND State Representative seat from District 45. As a candidate, I set the pace for my team and right now, we’re gearing up to go full speed to win the general election on November 2.

I’m calling on you now for your support to help us use the time we have left in the most effective way. A financial contribution of $200, $100, $50 or whatever your household budget will allow, will help us reach the voters of District 45 in a meaningful way.

Years ago, I became a Democrat because it was the party that embodied the values my role models lived out in their daily lives; my mother who dedicated much of her life to the service of her church, and social justice community, Gladys Ray an elder who dedicated her life to her community, standing up for American Indian rights, the homeless and to the education of our young people, Barry Nelson who dedicates his life to nurturing young people to get involved and be conscious of how they can make a difference in the world around them. These role models instilled the value of service within my life choices. They taught me that Leadership is an office of service. That Leadership was more than just a title, but action, accountability, responsibility and commitment to affect change.

Change at its core is about social justice. Social justice that is about parity in economic development, economic development that includes job growth, access to quality affordable health care, and resources into the institutions and community programs that make us stand out above the rest, investments in technology, health care, education, small businesses or non-profits. Investing in people is as important as investing in our infrastructure. Tax credits aimed and increasing growth must focus on Human Capital as much as on Physical Capital.

The next three months will be crucial to our campaign. Time is an important commodity and your support is greatly appreciated. If you have a few hours over the next few months to give, I can use your support to make phone calls, drop literature, hold a house meeting, enter data or march in a parade or two!

I know how much you support the values of the Democratic party, and I’m asking you to help me give this campaign a kick for the win in November. Your financial support will make a difference and I cannot thank you enough. We have a challenge ahead, and with your contribution we can win.

I’m giving the campaign everything I’ve got, because I believe in myself to bring the people of my district and the greater state of North Dakota Leadership of service, action, accountability, responsibility and commitment to that which makes us stand out above the rest.

Many thanks for your support. To make a contribution, follow the link on the home page.