In a dream I was shown a vision. I was being lifted and carried into a sea of people. Some who I knew, others I did not.

Each person had a light about them and behind each person, there was a door.

Each door was open. Open to pleasant trails or more difficult journeys.

Some seemingly inviting, others not so much.

The light around the people shown brighter in some than in others. Although, there was never less than the dimmest of lights and then those lights that were obvious beacons for any who would follow.

As I was being carried away, I realized that the doors were not behind the people, they were the people Each person an opportunity, a lesson, a piece of life.

Experience, friendship, joy, sorrow, hope or pain.

In my dream I didn’t understand and I closed my eyes. In the darkness I could still see all the lights, some near, all around, ones that would drift, others in lines or spiraling in a group, those bright and those barely a glow.

I opened my eyes and in the doors I saw a reflection. Reflections –not just of me, the reflections of myself in the humanity of others.

Reflections of me, within the tendencies of others.

In this sea of people, reflections, others seemed to be someone. Someone I used to know, used to be, have yet, or never will become.

Seeing strangers as family, as strangers become family.

Hearing the voices, laughing, sharing, crying, screaming, whispers saying see me, save me, help me, hear me, love me, know me. Know me.

I began to drift. Drifting higher away from the people.

Again I closed my eyes, scared for a moment.

Darkness, silence, I could see all those lights again, all of them shining in the darkness.

I saw mine shining, warming me from the inside. Barely contained within me. I was comforted. I opened my eyes. As I my light shown, we came together, my light made stronger by the light within you, your light stronger by the light within me, we, stronger by the light within others, we’re never really alone.

Together, connected in this soul of humanity. We are of the same breath. Drifting among the lights, doors and reflections I was grateful. It was a comforting to be, to know that which is in all others, is within me, to know that we are within all others.

However dark, however joyous, together, alone, to carry on, in all this that we call life.

Human Rights are what they give you when they take away your civil and political rights.

Our elders spoke of these times years ago. Our struggle, our lack of self viability as a people. They have fought this fight.

This struggle, this fight became very real today, because it is now our fight. What will we pass to our children?

Will we vanish?

Our elders were not able to pass down which they lacked. My father’s compassion was beaten out of him at boarding schools. So I was taught compassion through others. My father’s capacity to show love was burned from his actions when the priests scolded him for helping others or speaking his language, so I now learn love through others. He couldn’t say I Love You, I try to say it as often as I can.

Our fight is picked up by our children, but what will they inherit?

Daily thought